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Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant
Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant
Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder
Salesforce Certified Administrator

“I’m happy with the program, but honestly I’m even happier with Blast Off Systems. Michael and Victor went way above and beyond to help me configure a trial run of the Essentials Edition and create video tours for my bosses, so they could see what we were buying before making the decision. It’s a big investment for any company, so the demo had to clearly demonstrate its value. Michael and Victor helped me to show them how this system would benefit our company, and how email integration with Outlook would save us time, hassle, and put a stop to our intensive searches through old emails for important customer data.

Michael and Victor are fast, knowledgeable, reliable, friendly and extremely responsive. They came into our office and helped get all our users get set-up with email integration, and customized our dashboard so it is now humming…”

Kate Webb
Senior Development Producer

Get More Leads

Develop and execute marketing plans and generate leads. Manage leads until they’re sales-ready. We can help you harness the power of Salesforce to enable world class marketing.

Close More Deals

Empower your sales team to manage opportunities delivered by your marketing activities. Track all interactions with prospective clients in one place from anywhere.  Let us show you how to drive sales opportunities from leads through to completion.

Service Your Customers

Go beyond reacting to your customers’ requirements — anticipate their needs. Your service team requires tools to provide excellent customer service. We can show you how to use Salesforce to provide responsive and intuitive customer service.

Analyze and Improve

What gets measured gets improved – get faster answers and take immediate action. We can help you analyze the extensive customer data you will collect by integrating Salesforce into your business.